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IANVS (Indoor Activity Notification for Vigilance Services)

IANVS targets two main user groups. Firstly, the service increases comfort, trust and safety for clients living in serviced homes, and secondly it boosts effectiveness of care personnel by automating their task reporting. To do so, serviced homes are equipped with IANVS’ 3D sensor infrastructure (Internet-of-Things (IoT) beacons) which track IoT nodes with high precision (10cm) in space. These nodes take the form of a wearable for the tenants and a badge for the care personnel. They use Ultra-wide-band technology and may be charged wirelessly. Their use is integrated in day-to-day activity of both tenant and care personnel, e.g. connecting them to advanced home-automation comfort services. To this end, motion of the nodes in the service flat will be analyzed using big-data, leading to meaningful transactions with the environment. Through co-design with an end-user focus group, the service will be tested and stepwise improved. Validation with all stakeholders in the value chain will take place to yield a viable business model.

Objective of the project

The project develops and tests a 3D location sensor infrastructure to be deployed in serviced elderly homes. For the end-user, the proposed monitoring system alerts not only incidents like fall detection, but also provides insight in the end-user’s condition. In addition, the system reports activities of care personnel so that professional care providers receive automated feedback on effectiveness of their services.

The infrastructure grows from a Home Automation comfort proposition into high-intensity surveillance as the client gets older, hence adding value to serviced elderly real-estate.

Expected results and impact

The project will increase Quality of Life for Primary and secondary end-users. It will respect privacy (no cameras), integrates well in user’s daily life (service take-up) and respects their dignity (no stigma). Urgent incidents (e.g. fall) are reported with less false negatives and positives. It will increase care worker’s effectiveness (eliminates reporting “red tape”, so that more quality time is available to do the job).

We primarily aim at serviced institutions, in which we observe the best business potential. We aim to start deployments within 1 year after project, targeting >1000 users.

Partners involved in the IANVS project

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Role: SME

Country: Belgium

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Role: SME

Country: Switzerland

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Logo Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS

Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS

Role: R&D

Country: Portugal

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Role: End user

Country: Switzerland

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Coordinator: Magicview Connected Products Belgium BVBA

Duration: 24 months starting from march 1st, 2019

Total budget: 2,3 M€

Public contribution: 1,25 M€